Meet the All Shook Up characters

You’ve read the show synopsis (on our Past & Next Performance page), now it’s time to meet the characters and the actors who play them.

Natalie is the greatest mechanic in town (Emma Coast) but unaware that her best friend in the whole world, Dennis (Niall Gallagher) has a crush on her.

Sylvia (Noirin Sheridan) is the straight talking owner of the local Honky-Tonk, which she runs with the reluctant help of her teenage daughter Lorraine (Sarah Lawlor)!

Dean (Dónal Lynch), son of the strict mayor, who has grown up at a military boarding school. His interest in Lorraine (Sarah Lawlor), a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, is a cause of concern for both of their families!

Miss Sandra (Laura Murphy) is the caretaker of the museum. Although she is new in town she has already caught the attention of several locals, including the rabble rousing roustabout Chad (Ross Loughran), widower Jim (Charles John) and the unlucky in love Dennis (Niall Gallagher).

Mayor Matilda (Aisling Cuffe) is the conservative moral compass of the town who, along with the long suffering Sheriff Earl (Ray Bissett), strives to outlaw any form of immoral behaviour amongst the citizens.

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