Lifetime Members

Nancy Kavanagh (1926-2020)
One of our founding members; Nancy Kavanagh put more effort into KMS than anyone, knocking on every door in the area looking for support in starting up the society. And thanks to the actions of Nancy and others;  the show goes on and, hopefully will for many years to come. Thank you Nancy!

Ray Barry (1932-2021)
A true gentleman and a highly respected and treasured member of the society, Ray joined KMS in 1990 and played a diverse range of roles, all with tremendous character, personality and kindness. Every year Ray swore that ”This is my last show”, but every year he kept coming back for more! While we took that for granted, we didn’t take him for granted. Rest in peace, Ray!

Pat Hennessey
Pat has been a fixture of the society for longer than he cares to mention! A man of (literally) many hats, he is always there to provide some costumes, encouragement or a sing-song! KMS is all the better for having had him in our ranks!

Marijka Walsh
Former Chairperson, Stage Manager and award winning Comedienne; Marijka Walsh is a triple threat that has helped KMS go from strength to strength ever since she first tread the boards in St. Benildus’, back when the society was young. The society owes her a debt of gratitude and there is no one more diserving of a lifetime Membership.

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