R.I.P. Ray Barry

It is with great sadness tonight that we must inform you of the passing of long-time KMS member, Ray Barry, on Saturday 13th February.

Ray joined KMDS in the early 90s and his first show with us was My Fair Lady in 1991. Despite being famous year after year for uttering the phrase “This will be my last show”, he managed to perform in every show he could with us for 23 consecutive years, right up until Show Boat in 2014.

A highly respected, extremely popular and very treasured member of KMS, we will remember him with extreme fondness. The funeral mass will be private but all details can be found at: https://rip.ie/…/raymond-joseph-barry-blackrock…/449942

Rest in Peace Ray, KMS were all the better for having your talent, support and friendship over the decades you spent with us.

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