Time For A Break

What. A. Year! We are winding up for summer, having had a fantastic season with 2 Full Musicals!

Time to rest those vocal cords, put our feet up and take a break from all the rehearsing and socialising we’ve been doing.

The incoming Committee will be hard at work over the summer, getting organised for our 2022/23 season, so make sure you give them your full support. While you’re getting a tan (we can dream can’t we?) during the Irish summer, the Committee will be organising the production team and planning the venues, researching possible shows for the next season and generally planning the next season’s events.

We will be in touch over the summer to find out which of our current members will be coming back in 2022/23. This will let us know how many new members we will be taking on for the coming season, so please make sure you respond when you get that mail.

For those of you who aspire to join us next year, keep an eye out on the website and our Twitter, instagram and Facebook pages for the audition notices. They should go up in early August.

From all of us in the Committe: Thank you for such an amazing year! and for all the support you have shown over the Pandemic. We look forward to seeing both old and new faces in our next season.

Until then: Stay happy and healthy.

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